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Palmer's Dam

As a result of flooding in 2002 Palmer's Dam and the river-widening scheme was completed on the River Harbourne. The dam is located half a mile upstream from the village.


The scheme, cost £2m and was engineered by the Environment Agency.


The Dam is named after the late Ken Palmer, a local farmer who provided the land for it.


The scheme which has two main features -

1- An upstream flood storage reservoir,


2 - flood defence works through the village

the scheme has reduced the risk of flooding to a minimum of once in 40 years.


A nature reserve has been created in the surrounding land which was used during construction works and in the flood plains.

The floodplain is planted with various native trees and enlivened by shallow lakes and varied wetland flora. The entrance is a locked gate and a side gate leads to a small enclosed viewing bench.


To read more about it click on the link below to view the environment agency report on the dam

Palmer's Dam Palmers Dam

Image of the Palmer's Dam sluice gate

Nature Reserve

Image of the entrance to the floodplain nature area

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